Reevu MSX1 XL Satin Black – Paint Fault


Slight Paint Fault – please read description before purchasing

MSX1 Extra Large in Satin Black

Click on the magnifying glass to enlarge the images. This helmet is brand new and has never been worn or used as a demo. We quality check all items before despatch and found that the paint work was less than perfect on this particular helmet. We have tried to show the faults in the images, but they are incredibly hard to see.

  • There appears to be very slight marking to the paint around where your right ear would be
  • There are some very slight paint imperfections (almost looks like shadows) in various areas of the helmet.


The faults are very hard to spot and you need to look extremely carefully to see them. We had to have the office lights shine on the helmet in an effort to make them show up.

As such, this helmet is being offered at a very discounted price. Needless to say, there is only one of these available, so be quick at this price. The helmet comes boxed with helmet bag, user manual however the optic adjustment tool is missing but a small alen key is all that is required.

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