Rear View Helmets

How rear view helmets work and the advantages:

Reevu helmets are the worlds first rear view motorbike helmet, providing the rider with a genuine view of what is happening behind via carefully positioned optic, avoiding the need for the rider to take their eyes off the road ahead while checking their mirrors.

The Reevu rear view motorbike helmet range works in pretty much the same way as a car rear view mirror or the original submarine telescope. They use a mirror system which is incorporated into the top of the helmet so that the rider can see the road situation behind. 

The image appears on an optic just above the riders eye line, like in your car, so that you can use your peripheral vision to check behind, keeping your eyes on the road ahead for hazards. The optic is fully adjustable to ensure correct positioning for each individual.

You will also notice that their is a rear visor on the helmet, which is effectively the area the rider is looking out of. As standard, the helmets come equipped with a silvered rear visor to eliminate glare, however these are available for purchase in a variety of options, including clear, smoke and reflective.

All Reevu rear view helmets have been stringently tested for safety and conform to all safety requirements. The Reevu rear view helmet is used extensively within the racing scene, where being able to see behind gives a distinct advantage!