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Good news!

Covid-19 Update

We are delighted to announce that can now resume selling Reevu helmets online. We shall begin to re-populate the site as we confirm stock quantities, however if you are looking for specific model or size, please contact us. 

In addition, we have a number of helmets that had been returned due to incorrect size that have been isolated for at least three months and will be offering these for sale at discounted prices. As and when they are released, they will be placed in the >clearance category< of the shop.

Due to Covid restrictions, we are now having to change our returns system. Should you wish to return a helmet, you MUST contact us first for a returns form. Failure to do so will result in the charge of a re-stocking fee.

Thank you for everyone’s support during this time.


Reevu helmets are the worlds first rear view motorbike helmet, providing the rider with a genuine view of what is happening behind via carefully positioned optic, avoiding the need for the rider to take their eyes off the road ahead while checking their mirrors.

Just as when driving a car, the driver uses their peripheral vision to check in the mirrors, so the principal is exactly the same when using the Reevu rear view motorbike helmet.

Reevu helmets have a fully adjustable optic, so just like a car’s rear view mirror, the optic needs to be adjusted to your eye level. By using a system of refraction over the top of the helmet, this gives a fantastic and clear view of the situation on the road behind the rider.

For a full explanation of how the system works, check out the “How it Works” page:

Reevu Helmet Range

All Reevu helmets have been stringently tested for safety and conform to all safety requirements. The Reevu helmet is used extensively within the racing scene, where being able to see behind gives a distinct advantage! Check out our racing pages on this site.

We are an internet based company, only a few miles down the road from Reevu themselves and as such, we have an excellent relationship with the manufacturers. Unlike other stores, we  specialise only in the Reevu helmet range, ensuring that when you buy your Reevu helmet or accessories from us, you know you will be getting a genuine Reevu product, with the best service and backup possible.

Apart from supplying the full range of Reevu helmets, we also supply accessories for your new Reevu helmet, whether this is an extra or spare lining, cheek pads or perhaps a new reflective visor.

If you require any assistance or advice whatsoever regarding your new Reevu helmet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.